In a continually-changing investment landscape, a unified philosophy is key to ensuring long-term financial success
Apache Capital's investment rationale is to invest into sectors that are underpinned by longterm demographic trends. We build institutional grade and scale portfolios but on a bespoke basis, before exiting to institutional investors
Apache Capital looks to track the fundamental changes taking place around us and invest in real estate development projects which meet the needs of key areas of society and provides returns to our investors.
As central government has stepped back from the funding of projects that were traditionally in the public domain, huge opportunities have opened up for investors who can deliver development that embodies excellence and quality.
At the same time, the UK is seeing a sea-change in the way in which people live with many more now opting to rent rather than buy their homes. This is creating a new and vibrant Build to Rent asset class for investors.
Dementia is one of the principal challenges facing the UK with life expectancy rising and the prevalence of dementia quadruples between the age of 75 and 85. The current options for those with dementia are limited and many suffer inappropriate care in inadequate environments. We are therefore developing the first truly integrated dementia extra care facilities in the UK to provide the most sophisticated health care offering to people in their own home.
Apache Capital has become a leading proponent of real estate projects which capitalise on these trends, through our long-term strategy – ‘Generational Investment’. We combine economic, social, political and demographic needs with the aims of our investors, through a high understanding of investment, placemaking, brand-building and service to deliver aspirational living and working environments.
Our core value embedded in our investment philosophy is the passionate approach that we take in developing and operating assets in which our clients are proud to live and work in.
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